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BCAA 4.5 POWDER - 250g - Bodybuilders

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BCAA 4.5 BODYBUILDERS is a combination of three essential amino acids for those who practice bodybuilding, crossfit, cycling, fighting, among other sports. These amino acids are responsible for 35% of our mass and are not synthesized by the body (they are not produced in the body), so they must be obtained through diet or supplementation, they are: leucine, isoleucine and valine. As it is a BCAA powder, BCAA 4.5 Bodybuilders, in addition to being quickly absorbed, has a very high degree of purity, as it does not require excipients and its amino acid content is higher per gram of product.


BCAA 4.5 before or after training?


Taking BCAA 4.5 Bodybuilders before training will help release more energy, reducing fatigue and making your training more enjoyable. The most important contribution of BCAA before training is the balance it promotes between cortisol levels (hormone that promotes catabolism, making it difficult to gain mass).


Soon after training, your muscles are fatigued and desperate for nutrients, as their reserves were all depleted during training and your muscle fibers are injured. It is at this moment that the "absorption window" opens, a period in which the entry of nutrients into muscle tissues is much greater than usual. Consuming BCAA 4.5 Bodybuilders at this time will facilitate its absorption and with the supply of amino acids provided, protein synthesis and muscle recovery will begin. Performing this process daily will result in a rapid and significant increase in mass.


The conclusion we reached is that BCAA 4.5 is a beneficial supplement for your body and goals at any time.


How to take BCAA 4.5?


We suggest consuming 6 to 10g before physical activity and the same amount immediately after training.


BCAA 4.5 Benefits:


- Increases mass

- Fast absorption

- Anabolic and anti-catabolic function

- Improves muscle recovery

- Reduces fatigue

- Helps with weight loss


Exempt from registration - RCD 27/2010 (ANVISA).


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BCAA 4.5 POWDER - 250g - Bodybuilders


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