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Glutamine 100% 500g – Bodybuilders

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What is glutamine?


Glutamine is the most important amino acid in the human body.


Amino acids are molecules that play many roles in the body. Their main purpose is to serve as building blocks for proteins. Proteins are crucial for organs. They also have other functions, such as transporting substances in the blood and fighting viruses and bacteria that are harmful to the body.

While L-glutamine is used to make proteins and perform other functions, D-glutamine appears to be relatively unimportant in living organisms. L-glutamine can be produced naturally in your body. In fact, it is the most abundant amino acid in blood and other bodily fluids. However, there are times when your body's glutamine needs are greater than its ability to produce it.

It is therefore considered a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning it must be obtained from the diet under certain conditions, such as injury or illness. Additionally, glutamine is an important molecule for the immune system and intestinal health.


Muscle gain and exercise performance


Some research has reported that glutamine supplements can decrease muscle soreness and improve recovery after intense exercise. Therefore, it can play an important role in hypertrophy, contributing to the gain of muscle mass. One study found that glutamine plus carbohydrates can help reduce a marker of fatigue in the blood during two hours of running.

Research shows that glutamine supplementation can not only help an athlete ward off disease and prevent catabolism of muscle tissue, but it can also actually increase growth hormone levels, increase glycogen storage, and hydrate muscle cells - three important components in protein synthesis or energy metabolism.

It is known that intense physical activity or athletic training leads to reductions in immune system function and, consequently, makes the athlete more susceptible to disease.

It is also known that catabolic states due to excessive training can undermine the athlete's goal of muscle gain or preservation and can cause a decrease in exercise performance.

A reduced testosterone to cortisol ratio is believed to be directly responsible for losses in muscle mass, as cortisol promotes the synthesis of glutamine synthetase. By maintaining intracellular concentrations of glutamine in skeletal muscles, the synthesis of glutamine synthetase mRNA can be inhibited and thus loss of intracellular nitrogen through glutamine can be prevented.




Because glutamine is an amino acid naturally produced in the body and found in many foods, there is no concern that it is harmful in normal amounts. It is estimated that a typical diet may contain 3 to 6 grams per day, although this amount may vary based on the types and amounts of food consumed.

Studies on glutamine supplements have used a wide range of doses, ranging from about 5 grams per day to high doses of approximately 45 grams per day for six weeks. Although no negative side effects have been reported with this high dosage, blood safety markers have not been specifically examined. Other studies have reported minimal safety concerns regarding short-term supplementation of up to 14 grams per day.

Glutamine supplement will have different effects on different diets.For example: if you eat a high-protein, animal-based diet compared to a low-protein, plant-based diet. If you follow a plant-based diet low in glutamine and take the supplement, you will still receive a normal daily amount of glutamine overall.

Healthy adults who decide to take a glutamine supplement should start with a dose of about 5 grams per day. However, it is always recommended to consult a doctor or nutritionist as each person has different needs, and therefore a specialized professional can advise on the most appropriate dose.


How to take


You can take it before or after training, depending on your needs and/or goals.

Glutamine taken pre-workout (30 minutes before) helps reduce fatigue and physical effort applied during exercise. Therefore, it reduces fatigue by allowing more repetitions or execution of more exercises.

Glutamine ingested post-workout (approximately 30 minutes later) helps to replenish the stores of this amino acid, which become scarce due to physical wear and tear. This prevents muscle catabolism and fatigue. Some nutritionists advise the intake of carbohydrates together with glutamine, when consumed after training, to promote energy replenishment.

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Glutamine 100% 500g – Bodybuilders

R$ 69.00


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