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Hiper Amazing Mass Kit 1.5 kg + Power Creatine 100g - Bodybuilders

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What is Hyper Amazing Mass


A highly energetic hypercaloric supplement with a high concentration of proteins and carbohydrates of high biological value.

Around 80% of the supplement is made up of quickly digestible carbohydrates, the rest being proteins, vitamins and minerals.


What is the hypercaloric supplement used for?


Hypercaloric supplements were developed for people who have difficulty gaining muscle mass and body weight, such as those with an ectomorphic biotype.

While the majority of the population transforms excess calories from food into fat reserves, some people use this excess to maintain their metabolism and are therefore unable to transform it into muscle.


How to take


You can take the hypercaloric supplement Hiper Amazing Mass with water, fruit juice, milk, etc. The exact amount of the supplement will depend on your goals, but generally a portion of 60 to 100 grams is generally the most indicated* remembering that The caloric value may change depending on the type of drink you mix it with.




Creatine is an organic compound, found in vertebrates, where it facilitates the recycling of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the cell's energy currency, mainly in muscle and brain tissue. Recycling is achieved through the conversion of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) back to ATP through the donation of phosphate groups. Creatine also acts as a buffer, storing energy in the cell for muscle contraction.


How to take Creatine?


The recommended amount may vary depending on the health status of each individual. Generally, the consumption guideline is approximately 3 grams per day. It can be taken before or after training. Creatine is best absorbed after training with a carbohydrate source.

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Hiper Amazing Mass Kit 1.5 kg + Power Creatine 100g - Bodybuilders


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