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Kit Waxy Whey 900g + BCAA 4800 120 caps + Pre-workout 60 caps + Cocktail shaker - Bodybuilders

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Waxy Whey
is a protein supplement designed for bodybuilders. It combines concentrated whey protein (also known as Whey Protein) and isolated soy protein to help you gain lean muscle mass, increase muscle strength, provide more energy during training, and improve your body's ability to repair post-workout muscles. It is available in three delicious flavors and is quick and easy to prepare. Waxy Whey can be a great ally in your daily routine. It is available in three delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.
 Drinking a protein shake with ice water within 30 minutes of finishing your workout can kickstart the recovery process. This floods your bloodstream with amino acids, which are quickly transported to your muscle cells, helping to build new muscle tissue.
BCAA is a popular supplement among those who strive to live a healthier lifestyle, in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise. It contains branched-chain amino acids that can aid in muscle recovery and growth. BCAA contains Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine, which are also found in muscle fibers, but in greater quantities, accounting for 35% of the main amino acids in muscle protein. BCAA aids in quick and effective recovery from physical exercise and promotes muscle gain. Therefore, it is essential for those who train hard.
Have you been wondering how to take BCAA? Let's find out!
During physical activities, BCAA's substances, isoleucine and valine, can be converted into glucose, providing more energy and preventing fatigue during resistance training. Additionally, they can help prevent the loss of muscle mass during the activity and initiate the process of recovering lean mass, which intensifies after the exercises are completed.
BCAA is an awesome source of protein when consumed post-workout. It helps with better recovery and increased protein synthesis. Leucine, which is the main amino acid of the 3 amino acids present in BCAA, activates a cascade of biochemical reactions in the body, providing muscle anabolism (gain in lean mass).
A thermogenic supplement is a calorie-burning supplement that provides more energy for working out, helping to burn more calories during physical activity. Caffeine is a natural stimulant that can help reduce drowsiness and release adrenaline. BURN CAFF 420 is a stimulant that contains anhydrous caffeine, also known as methylxanthine. It can improve muscle performance and help extend the duration of muscular effort.
Please make sure to follow the instructions for use.
Since thermogenic supplements contain stimulants, it's best to start with the lowest recommended dose. This way, you can evaluate your sensitivity and adjust accordingly. 
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Kit Waxy Whey 900g + BCAA 4800 120 caps + Pre-workout 60 caps + Cocktail shaker - Bodybuilders


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