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Multivitamin - DAILY VITAMIN - 90 Capsules - Bodybuilders

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???? Bodybuilders Multivitamin: Energize with Health! ????


If you enjoy exercise, are a fitness lover or just love browsing the supplement shelves, you've certainly seen Multivitamins around. ???? But, have you ever stopped to think about why you should invest in it? Here are the whys in awesome topics:


Maximum Potency: Replenishes the vitamins and nutrients that your food sometimes doesn't cover. Goodbye, lack of B vitamins! ????


What is this? It's a health boost! It has all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals that your body needs in the right dose. ????


Multi-talented: Helps with your training, post-workout recovery and even your immunity. ?????????


Better than an Antioxidant: Protects against premature aging, takes care of your bones and helps your heart. ❤️????


Not a Substitute: Remember, it does not replace real food, but it is the perfect partner for a balanced diet. ????


Right Time: You can take it in the morning, afternoon or evening, along with a meal for optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals. ?????????


No Panic About Gaining Weight: Zero calories in the Daily Vitamin from Bodybuilders, so it can be your best friend in training without worries! ????


Top questions:


???? What is Multivitamin for?

Helps prevent nutritional deficiencies, strengthens immunity, improves physical performance and takes care of bone health.

???? How to take the Multivitamin?

It is recommended to take it with a meal, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening for better absorption.

???? Does it make you fat?

No! It is calorie free. Together with a balanced diet and exercise, it helps you achieve goals in a healthy way.

???? Does it replace food?

It is not appropriate. It is a complement, it does not replace a balanced diet.

???? Professional guidance needed?

It is advisable to consult a nutritionist or doctor for personalized guidance and maximum use of the product.

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Multivitamin - DAILY VITAMIN - 90 Capsules - Bodybuilders

R$ 59.90


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