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Waxy Whey (35%) 2kg + Pepto Glutamine 250g + COCKTAIL MAKER 600ml - Bodybuilders

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What is Waxy Whey

Waxy Whey Bodybuilders is an enhanced protein supplement. With the combination of concentrated whey protein (popularly known as Whey Protein), isolated soy protein. The Waxy Whey supplement was developed especially for people looking to gain lean muscle mass, muscle strength, more energy during training and increase the body's ability to repair post-workout muscles. With quick, easy and practical preparation, and 3 delicious flavor options: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, Waxy Whey will become a great ally in your daily life.

How to take

We recommend ingesting 50g (5 tablespoons) of Waxy Whey after training. Drinking a protein shake with ice water within 30 minutes of finishing your workout will begin the recovery process by flooding your bloodstream with amino acids, which are quickly transported to your muscle cells, where they will be deposited as new muscle tissue.

What is glutamine peptide?

Amino acid with anti-catabolic properties, important for muscle growth

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. It constitutes 60% of the free amino acid deposits in skeletal muscle. The variation in this percentage is a determining factor for optimal protein synthesis. During stressful situations, such as intense exercise, the body's glutamine levels begin to decrease. This “exhaustion” can cause muscle loss (muscle catabolism) and decreased immune function, with an increased incidence of infections. To avoid these conditions, an adequate intake of glutamine is advisable. Supplementation with Glutamine Peptide is an effective alternative for increasing glutamine concentrations in tissues, especially muscle, which is the best absorption method.

How to take it?

Research shows that consuming 6 to 10 grams of glutamine after training increases muscle glycogen synthesis and speeds recovery.

Cocktail shaker: Cocktail shaker may vary according to stock availability.

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Waxy Whey (35%) 2kg + Pepto Glutamine 250g + COCKTAIL MAKER 600ml - Bodybuilders


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