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What is Six Protein Advanced with ZMA


It is a blend that brings together the main sources of proteins that the body needs. With the combination of albumin protein, concentrated, hydrolyzed and isolated proteins from whey, soy protein isolate and hydrolyzed meat protein, the Six Protein Advanced supplement with ZMA helps promote lean mass gain and muscle definition, ensuring more energy and strength during training and providing excellent results.



This supplement is innovative because Bodybuilders managed to formulate a combination of proteins of animal and vegetable origin so that both complement each other during absorption in the body. This mix of proteins has more amino acids in its combination than a simple whey protein from whey. This is due to the union of 6 different proteins in its formula, which makes it a supplement with a different absorption time, promoting immediate and gradual muscle recovery (over a longer period of time).

So that your body does not transform proteins into other substances to meet the need to replenish energy, leaving aside nutrition and muscle regeneration after training, Six Protein Advanced with ZMA from Bodybuilders already comes with one of the best carbohydrates we find on the market today in its formula: Waxy Maize. This carbohydrate with a low glycemic index and rapid absorption is ideal for replenishing glycogen levels without insulin spikes and without the risk of creating unwanted fat, thus leaving all the proteins contained in Six Protein free to work directly on muscle mass.


 Main ingredients




Albumin is a pasteurized egg white protein and also the main blood plasma protein synthesized by hepatocytes. As it contains a high biological value of protein and essential amino acids for the body, albumin provides better post-workout recovery and increased muscle mass.


Concentrated whey protein


Concentrated whey protein, popularly known as Whey Protein, contains 80% to 89% (approximately) of whey proteins, presents rapid absorption, increased (temporary) levels of amino acids in the blood and protein synthesis in the muscle. As it contains leucine, it also promotes muscle anabolism and reduces the amount of carbohydrates and fats.


Waxy Maize


Waxy Maize is an energy supplement composed of corn-based carbohydrates that favors maintenance, post-workout recovery, energy replacement, and hunger satiety, making goals faster and more effective and contributing to the increase and strength of muscle bundles when associated with physical exercise.


Hydrolyzed meat protein


Hydrolyzed meat protein is a rich and complete supplement, as its ingredients include creatine precursor amino acids, namely: glycine, methionine and arginine, in addition to branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Being free of fat, lactose and low amounts of carbohydrates, it is an excellent ally in pre- and post-workout, in maintaining muscle mass gain, in post-workout recovery or simply in increasing the protein intake of the diet.


Soy Protein Isolate


Soy protein isolate is an excellent option for those looking to obtain good results, it provides muscle growth, lean mass gain, accelerated metabolism, body definition and weight loss, in addition to having high digestibility and absorption, containing a large amount of amino acids. They are also an excellent ally post-workout, as they help with the recovery and repair of muscles during this period. Because it is rich in amino acids, soy is one of the main ways to obtain essential (non-animal) proteins that the body needs.


Recommended dose


Our suggestion is to ingest 40 grams of Six Protein Advanced with ZMA. This is the ideal amount for the post-workout period to recover the damage caused by exercise and begin muscle protein synthesis: the process where new muscle tissue will be deposited.


How to take


The best time to consume it is after training, which is the time when your muscles need it most. Drinking a protein shake with ice water within 30 minutes of finishing your workout will begin the recovery process by flooding your bloodstream with amino acids, which will be quickly transported to your muscle cells, where they will be deposited as new muscle tissue.

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6 SIX PROTEIN ADVANCED C/ ZMA POTE 900g - Bodybuilders