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KIT Waxy Whey 900g + Power Creatine 100g + Power Glutamine 100g - Bodybuilders

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By choosing Waxy Whey, you'll be able to take your workouts to the next level!
Waxy Whey offers incredible benefits for your workouts.
It's packed with powerful ingredients like whey protein concentrate, whey isolate, and soy protein, which provide you with constant energy throughout your workout. The formula contains maltodextrin to provide energy.
The proteins included have a high biological value, which can help increase muscle mass.
It's a great combination! For incredible results, we recommend using complementary amino acids.
To start your recovery after training, simply take 50g (5 tablespoons) of the supplement.
You can also make a refreshing iced shake with it. Amino acids flow to your muscle cells.
For extraordinary results, consider using creatine! 
You can achieve hypertrophy and strength. Ideal for individuals seeking muscle growth.
Our product promotes accelerated recovery for maximum post-workout performance.
It also helps muscles gain volume naturally without swelling.
To incorporate creatine, we recommend taking about 3g per day either before or after training.
It's better absorbed when taken with carbohydrates after training.
Additionally, you can also take glutamine. 
Hey there! While it's conditionally essential, it's still super important for your overall health! 
Have you heard about this amazing amino acid that your body needs? It's a vital building block that supports your immune system and gut health.
Also, please note that this offer is only available at specific times.
The cocktail shaker included in this offer has an exclusive design, but please keep in mind that it may vary depending on stock availability.
Improve your workouts with Waxy Whey, Creatine, and Glutamine! 
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KIT Waxy Whey 900g + Power Creatine 100g + Power Glutamine 100g - Bodybuilders


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